‘A Gentle Response’ Wollongong Art Gallery

Mini Print Exhibition, Castillo Faro, Cantabria, Spain

Gallery Lane Cove Exhibition. IAVA Members

‘Thank You Gladys for the GPS’ – Installation

Nan Tien Institute Gallery ‘Gift’ Community exhibition

Muriel Matters, Australian, Suffragist, Pacifist, Educator; The First Woman to Speak in the British House of Commons

Violet McKenzie, Australia’s First Female Electrician from Austi.

‘Transforming’ group Exhibition, King & Ayres Interiors, Wollongong

‘PLACE’ Artist Books at Canberra Museum and Gallery

Bertha Benz, the First Person to Drive a Car

DANGER!! Hot Surface. Eunice Newton Foote Discovers the Greenhouse Effect, Is ignored for 160 Years

‘The Sky, The Bush, The Water and Me’