I prefer to work with less toxic printmaking processes.  Mostly I use monotype/monoprint and photopolymer etching methods. I like to collage and cut prints and sometimes make them into books or sculptures.

This Monotype series is called Creating Spaces



This Monotype series is called  No One asked Me

and goodbye from me.LR.edit  I Have Something Else Up My sleeve_sml_5.10  I have nothing more to say to you_sml.5.10  No One asked me.sml.5.10  They rushed in here.LR.3.10   Sowing and Reaping_sml.5.10  Trust me too.LR  FIGJAM1.LR











These Monotypes are called Tax Time from the Not Waving, Drowning series.

Tax Time 2.sml  Tax Time 3-4.sml  Tax Time 7.sml  Tax Time 9a.sml





Tax Time 9a.sml Tax Time 16.sml Tax Time 17.smlTax Time 24.sml



Tax Time 20a.smlTax Time 28.sml









More monoprints

d2b03-10d2b03m-6.LR    d2b03m-16   Purnululu dreaming 04  NewAge scan    d2b03m-4.2









Photopolymer Etching/Monoprint Titest 3.Scan.HR  Crossed Legs red 02  Edges 2.LR  Ancient Land 1.LR  Ancient Land 2 etching-monotype  Ancient Land 3.LRKimberley Series 3.LR  Purnululu 6.LR  JudyB_ Middle Years (pink).LRJudy B_ Middle years (blue).LR  Sibling rivalry1.scan.LR.1  Sibling rivalry 2-LR.2.jpg 3 Breast Tests On Fire - Copy (194x300)  3 valleys-1. LR  IMG_3941



















JudyBourke_She_Is_collograph.LR      IMG_3473  IMG_3475  IMG_3476            JudyBourke_MindMy Bush3