The practice I love the most is drawing; drawing with ink, pencil, chalk, crayon or a stick in the sand. I love all media and drawing anywhere. I carry small blocks of drawing paper and a pen.  Small line drawings fill these books on trips, waiting for public transport on public transport. (Bus stop Books)

An Expanded View

Cut up photos of sculptural installations with added ink drawings in a hand made book. Just for fun.
































Ink Drawings from a VISE trip to the Ruthven property in western Queensland, Australia.

2 gates 1   4 gates  1 gate  2 tumbleweed - Copy  3 tumbleweed - Copy  4 horses  2 frogs











From the Inner Life Series


she speaks  short fat centered girl  top acoloyte-wire-crosses  acolyte & 4 girls

acolyte and 2 girls  centered girl on pedestal  innerlight drawing-girl  pope and friend





New Life Series   Pencil Charcoal, wash

New Life.LR god is a verb in march 05-1.LR god is a verb in march 05-2.LR god is a verb in march 05-3.LR god is a verb in march 05-4.LR