Artist Statement

Bringing ideas to a visible state interests me.

Sometimes its an object at other times its the medium that stimulates my desire to create a new work or series of works.

Other times its an idea that I like to explore using a visual medium.

I try to choose the media or medium that best tells the story.

Often I’ll use more than one process to express the thought.

A series of works could be expressed in an installation, a book, a print, collage, photography, in textiles and/or a sculptural object.  I like to mix up media and processes in the one work. eg crocheting, an artist book, printmaking to create a sculpture.





JudyBourke_Kindness.LR. (450x600)



IMG_1181 From the edge to the Centre 1995 Light side IMG_3686IMG_8720  IMG_1954 concertina-frontbook IMG_3842 IMG_2168

IMG_0086    bourkejudy_GIAV_LR.29  Darwin 2 Delhi ,detail.LRbridging the gap 6





IMG_1335    filing rocks and keys closed WeddingDressFrontDetai.LR.l  IMG_6424  IMG_2186 - Copy