Tekkie Void Series

Tekkie Void 2-5



Tekkie Void 1

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Tekkie Void 2

Tekkie Void 2.LR  IMG_0339  IMG_0337  IMG_0338        

Tekkie Void 3

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Tekkie Void 4

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Tekkie Void 5

TV5.LR  IMG_0335  IMG_0334  IMG_0333         Bar Code Series Installation 2010 Contemporary Packaging collected from objects purchased over  a set period of time. JudyBourke_BarcodeSeries1_9wall    JudyBourke_BarcodeSeries1_6  JudyBourke_BarcodeSeries1_5  JudyBourke_BarcodeSeries1_4  JudyBourke_BarcodeSeries1_3  JudyBourke_BarcodeSeries1_2    JudyBourke_BarcodeSeries1_1_whole   JudyBourke_BarcodeSeries1_WallDetail2               'Seeing New Horizons' - Installation 2011 JudyBourke_SeeingNew Horizons_Installation   IMG_0902IMG_0903 IMG_0915  IMG_0950  IMG_0962  IMG_0964  IMG_0971IMG_0975  IMG_0979  IMG_0997    IMG_1021                           Daily Bread -Installation 2013 JudyBourke_DailyBread.1 JudyBourke_DailyBread.3  JudyBourke_DailyBread.4  JudyBourke_DailyBread_MixedMedia         Soft Touch - Installation Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival 2011 Judy Bourke.3.On the Shore Sculpture show, thirroul.JPG  Judy Bourke.On the Shore Sculpture show, thirroul  Judy Bourke.2.On the Shore Sculpture show, thirroul  Judy Bourke OTS 2010         IMG_2751  IMG_2735  IMG_2733  IMG_2736         Positive Paper Screen 2005 Positive paper screen.light behind 2.LR.jpg -  Positive paper screen.side.jpg  JudyBourke_ PositivePaperScreen.detail1  Positive paper screen.detail2.jpg           From the Edge to the Centre  Installation 1995 (Photography Lesley Goldacre)                          A Golden Moment  Installation  1994 (Photography Lesley Goldacre)                      Light Side - Dark Side  Installation - 1993 This exhibition was in the old art arena gallery upstairs 157 Crown Street, Wollongong. The dark side was in an enclosed dark  room with a blue UV light that only showed the reflective signs and lines. Light Side - Carved aerated concrete, painted floor, shadow shapes on the window boards.                                                                       Inner Light  - installation 1992