Sea Gems 1 & 2  at The Hanging Space Woonona. Dyed and crocheted cotton yarn with glass beads over stuffed synthetic fabric. Sea Gems 1&2-2   Sea Gems 3 JudyBourke_Sea Gems 1 & 2 Sea Gems 4         Hand Knitted Cardigan, commercial double 12 ply wool, constructed with various sizes of rectangles, glazed porcelain buttons by Kathryn Orton. IMG_2168    IMG_2169  IMG_2175  IMG_2177  IMG_2178  IMG_2179     IMG_2180               Hand Spun and Dyed Crocheted Jacket Pure wool, Hand spun and Dyed. Many pieces created and dyed separately, Buttons cast handpainted aluminium. cast aluminium button.LR   IMG_2184 - Copy  IMG_2189 - Copy    IMG_2185 - Copycrocheted jacket detail.LR         IMG_2198 - Copy             The Coral Reef Project was fun to be involved in.  I contributed  a few pieces that  fitted into the large colourful installation at the Power House Museum in Sydney. IMG_1506IMG_1505IMG_1503   IMG_1501 I like to print onto fabric, crochet and knit with cotton and wool or any fibres. I sometimes crochet pieces that are later pieced together for an outfit. Collaborating with a designer I like to create an outfit with the fabric pieces. 3 piece outfit, dyed, printed. beaded and embroidered   WeddingDressFrontDetai.LR.l    IMG_4449   WeddingDress.Detail.1.LRIMG_4448           'Fungiforms'  More crocheted forms from nature. Wonderful fungi that appeared in my front yard for a moment inspired this work. IMG_5190   IMG_5191  IMG_5193  IMG_5194         Printing and dyeing cotton and silk fabrics often tell the story of a trip or just a fun thing to do. Hanging Out 6 IMG_1417     IMG_1424  IMG_1092  IMG_1447         Silk Scarves   2 batik dyed silk scarves                                                                                                                                kimberley scarves