Artist Books

 Creating an artist book is often a cross between a sculptural object and other media like printmaking.  I have made books to tell stories, books on themes set by international exchange projects, accounts of family life or politics.

 Some books are bound paper, cast metal, fabric, wired or glued,  stitched or crocheted.

’10 Mt Gilead Rd’

10 Mt Gilead Rd  IMG_1446  IMG_5964  IMG_1438  IMG_5979  IMG_5965  IMG_5962


Altered Book –  an old Blood   Bank diary painted with black paint. Each page has a chinagraph pencil drawing of  some detail of things around my house, metal railings, dishes in the sink, shampoo bottles, clothes line, fly screen door, down pipes, books, drawer handles, window frames, brass bells hanging from the blinds.  Each page has been coated with waterproof clear acrylic paint.



‘In the Finke’

2 Concertina books with a Codex book watercolour and ink drawing.

IMG_6428     IMG_6426 IMG_6432   IMG_6435  IMG_6434  IMG_6430  IMG_6424  IMG_6425

‘Before  The e Words’   A collection of paper and objects that have been replaced by electronic devices, bound into a hard cover, A6, stitched book.

JudyBourke.BTEW.VLR   IMG_5648  IMG_5649 IMG_5650


  ‘A Pin in the Brain’ screenprint on fabric, business card folder, printed cards, old credit cards

Exchange Books from the Artist Books 3.0 International Exchange.  For the Encyclopedia of Everything.

‘Hand Cut’ stitched A6 book, collograph on paper with cut outs

Hand Cut 2-3, Cover Hand Cut 2-3, inside 2 Hand Cut 2-3, inside 3 Hand Cut 2-3. middle pages



Heat exchange concertina book

JudyBourke_heat.2 JudyBourke_Heat_3.smlJudyBourke_Heat_4.sml  JudyBourke_heat.3

‘Three’ Concertina book knitted and crocheted over wire

JudyBourke3.1 JudyBourke3.2 JudyBourke3.3 JudyBourke3.4 JudyBourke3.5

d2bo3 series








d2b03 -4   Concertina book stitched in slip cover

d2b03.artists book.and cover.jpg     IMG_0316d2b03.artist book.jpg






India Printmaking Diary

A collection of printed labels and ephemera collected during a trip to India and Nepal from Sydney, Australia compiled in a book made in India from cotton.

India Printmaking Diary   India Printmaking Diary 2  India Printmaking Diary 3  India Printmaking Diary 4  India Printmaking Diary 5


IMG_1721 IMG_1724   IMG_1719